Import/Export support from Sussex Chambers

With the new rule changes, is your business exporting and/or importing to the EU?  If this is you, we can help you and your business as part of our ChamberCustoms service.

We complete your import and export customs declarations on your behalf. We offer an HMRC compliant service that you can trust.  This service offers traders a high level of compliance with HMRC procedures and offers a direct link for customs clearance through all sea, air and road ports and terminals in the UK.

Once signed up to ChamberCustoms we provide a welcome pack which will explain the basics around our service, how to prepare for import/export formalities and provide you with a checklist and examples to ease you through the process.

Paid services we offer at Sussex ChamberCustoms:

•      Import declarations (Full)

•      Import declarations (Simplified with additional charges)

•      Export declarations

Within our main ChamberCustoms hub we also offer an Advisory Service at an additional charge.

Please email to register your interest or CLICK here.

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