How to create your listing on the BHBPA Directory

The new directory is initially for BHBPA members only, and we are keen that all members have a presence on the directory.

Please note the following before you get started:

  • You will need to have a Logo image that sits on a square background. Most business logos seem to be rectangular, but the directory can’t show these properly. For example, if you look at the Baty International logo, that was originally a rectangle but was changed to sit on a square background and now displays correctly. If you need help with this email
  • Your listing will look better with a Cover image. This is the rectangular shaped ‘wallpaper’ which forms the backdrop to your listing. A nice photograph of your premises or something similar can work particularly well. By way of examples take a look at the Action Creative Group or Ebiss listings.
  • You can also add extra images into the Gallery as well as a video link to say a YouTube URL, to more fully illustrate your product and service offerings. Gallery Images will show on your profile as small thumbnails which can be clicked on by the viewer to enlarge them.
  • Do bear in mind that the images must be no bigger than 2MB each, and no larger than 2,000 pixels on either dimension. Any bigger and images may not load properly.
  • If you are short of images, there are numerous sites offering free images including:,, and
  • You will need to include a Description about your business. The text you use should not only be accurate but can also include keywords or phrases that other people might use to search and find you. A good example is the list of products entered in the Description section by Paper+. If you prefer your keywords to be invisible to a viewer, let us know and we can change the keyword text colour to white.


In order to get your company listing, one per company, on to the new BHBPA Directory:

1. Go to the Directory website –

2. Click on ‘+ Submit Listing’ at the top right of the website.

3. Complete the form on the page. While most of the fields are self-explanatory, please note the following:

    • Listing Name should be the Business name, either the company name registered as the BHBPA member or your business’ trading name.
    • Full address should be your complete business address, making sure to use commas “,” to separate each line of the address e.g. 21 High Street, Burgess Hill, RH15 123
    • The Listing Type is a high-level form of categorisation as represented by an industry icon. Select a SINGLE Listing Type – the one that best describes your business e.g. are you a Manufacturer or a Business Services company etc.?
    • The Listing Category is a more granular level of categorisation that will further help people to find you. Choose one or several from the list – there should be at least one to suit your business but email if not.
    • Description is the text about your business, as explained above.
    • Once completed, click ‘Preview’ – this step is essential.
    • From the next screen you can either click to ‘Edit Listing’ further, or click on ‘Submit Listing’. Once satisfied that your editing is complete, you must click ‘Submit Listing’

4. The system will send an email similar to what appears below:

On DD/MM/YYYY, HH:MM, “WordPress” <> wrote:

Username: <user name you entered>

To set your password, visit the following address:

5. Look out for this email – which may go into the spam folder. You must click on the first link to set you password.

6. Armed with your Username and Password you can return to the main website, go to the Members Directory page and Log In to your Account. At this point you can edit “Your Listing” or “Your Profile” further.

7. If you wish to add any social media links, you will need to edit “Your Profile”.

7. All submitted listings will be reviewed and approved before they are published, at which point your listing will go live on the Directory. If your listing does not go live within a few days email

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