Head Resigns from Manor Field

Head Teacher Resigns from Manor Field Primary School


Ms. Kit Messenger, Head Teacher of Manor Field Primary School, Burgess Hill resigned on Tuesday 12th April with effect from 31st August. The decision to resign as Head Teacher after a twenty three year career in education comes at a time when Ms. Messenger feels that an ever-narrowing curriculum and the current political desire to turn all schools in to academies are to the increasing detriment of childrens education.


The Manor Field Governing body has discussed Ms. Messenger’s resignation with her in detail and although hugely saddened by her announced departure, do fully understand and support her reasons for doing so. Ms. Messenger clearly explained that recent plans by the government for education are contrary to her own beliefs that all children should have access to a wholly rounded education. Ms. Messenger has spent the last sixteen years of her teaching career at Manor Field School and has worked tirelessly to create a caring and effective learning environment.


To allow time to advertise, interview and recruit a strong leader, the Governing body will appoint a successor from January 2017. Mrs Lawson will be Acting Head Teacher until then.  Because of the strong structures in leadership within all areas of the school management, the Governing body are confident the school will continue to run efficiently and effectively and always to the good of the children in the school’s care.


Notes to Editors:


Q & A


Q.1. Do the Governing body support the Head Teacher’s resignation?

A.1. The Governing body do support Ms. Messengers reasons for her resignation and we feel that her reasons are to be known publicly.


Q.2. Will this resignation affect the quality of the teaching at Manor Field?

A.2. Manor Field have a strong leadership team in place and the school will continue to run efficiently and effectively and always to the good of the children in our care.


Q.3. How will this affect the long-term position of the school?

A.3. Ms. Messenger has been part of Manor Field for sixteen years, initially as deputy head and then as Head Teacher for the last four years and has built a strong leadership team to take the school forwards. Mrs. Lawson, who has worked with Ms. Messenger over the last four years to develop and implement the school’s vision, will be acting Head Teacher whilst a successor is sought.


Q.4. What do you think about the government’s recommendation of changing all schools to an academy system?

A.4. We have no current plans for becoming an academy. Our Governing body will continue to work with the school to ensure that it delivers a good quality education. Together with the headteacher, who is responsible for day-to-day management, they will set the school’s aims and policies according to the Department for Education and the law.


Q.5. What will happen to our children if our school becomes an academy?

A.5. The day-to-day running of the school will remain the responsibility of the Head Teacher. Manor Field will continue to provide a good education and work hard to provide a safe and effective learning environment for every child at our school.


Q.6. Can you explain the comment Ms. Messenger made in her resignation letter referring to ‘Government factory farming our children’?

A.6. Ms. Messenger feels the curriculum and methods of assessment no longer allow for a rounded education under the current education system and that it does not allow the freedom to follow her long-term vision for the school.


Manor Field Primary School, Junction Road, Burgess Hill, West Sussex

RH15 0PZ



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