Have you received goods from the EU and NOT done any customs declarations?

The customs declarations team at Sussex Chamber of Commerce can provide you with all the documentation you need to clear customs, including new Transit documentation service (TAD).

The UK Government deferred declarations scheme has been extended until 31st December 2021, but importers must process their 175-day declarations regularly.

From 1st Jan 2021, Customs Declarations are needed for all goods coming into the UK, however many companies are still receiving deliveries from EU Suppliers (due to easements at the borders) without paperwork or communication to confirm goods has cleared UK customs.

You can either;

• File a full declaration when the goods arrive or

• Delay the declaration by 175 days (simplification is temporarily in place)

If you don’t do a declaration immediately, HMRC will assume you’ve chosen to delay the process. In this case, you will be expected to do three things;

• Keep all relevant information in your own system with an Entry In Declarant’s Records

• Calculate and pay the relevant import VAT on your standard VAT return

• File a supplementary declaration to HMRC 175 days later to pay the relevant duty.

Be careful: if you’re receiving goods from the EU and not doing full declarations, you are potentially accumulating duty debt and could be subject to HMRC penalties.

Preferential Rate from the EU?

There is a Free Trade and Cooperation Agreement with the EU.  This means that most goods originating in EU attract a 0% customs duty rate.  If the goods have a non-EU origin, you will not be able to claim EU preference. Duty will be payable.

Example 1: goods of Chinese origin are being sent from a German supplier to a UK customer. The goods do not qualify for EU preference.

Example 2: goods of German origin being sent by a French supplier to a UK importer. Goods are EU origin and do qualify for EU preference.

Transit Documentation Service

We now offer customs transit, this is a customs procedure used to move goods not in free circulation moving between two points of a customs territory, via another customs territory; or between two or more different customs territories. Using the Customs Transit procedure allows for the temporary suspension of duties, taxes and commercial policy measures that are applicable at import.   

We will create Transit Declarations on your behalf using SGS TransitNet;

• ChamberCustoms will submit and monitor Transit declarations on your behalf

• ChamberCustoms will arrange comprehensive bank guarantees through SGS to cover your goods

• TransitNet operates under EU CT regulations and principles

The benefit of using ChamberCustoms to create your transit documentation is through our agreement with SGS TransitNet, we may be able to add your premises to our Authorised Consignor license which will allow you to start your transit movements from your address.

Please contact us by Email or phone and we can help guide you through the process:


Telephone: 01444 259 259


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