Government’s Plan to Rebuild

The Government has published it’s COVID-19 recovery strategy. Here’s a link to it:

The document, approximately 50 pages long, includes:

  • A foreword from the PM
  • A summary of the current situation – so-called Phase 1 of the country’s response to the pandemic
  • An overview of the interrelated effects of the crisis on public health, the economy and society and the overarching principles for moving forward
  • The description of a phased approach to recovery – as we move from Phase 1 into Phase 2 and ahead of Phase 3
  • The step by step, albeit highly conditional, roadmap for Phase 2 comprising 3 steps to return to greater levels of normality
  • A description of the 14 major programmes of work being undertaken as part of the overall strategy
  • A summary of how we can all help
  • Annex A – Staying safe outside your home
  • Annex B – COVID-19 vulnerable groups
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