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As an organiser of a golf day you’ll probably start by booking plenty of entertainment, trying to make your event more desirable. This can add pressure to fill spaces and as a result you might be cautious on how much you spend for the big day. So rather than charge you upfront, we’ve developed our product to make it risk free for you. We can remove our product rate and then charge each attendee of your golf day a small fee if they wish to participate. The product on offer is called Trackman® which is a sonar tracking swing and flight analysis system. This is the ultimate in game improvement technology and used by the world’s best golfers to fine tune their game. We want to give you the opportunity to use Trackman® at your event for free. How it would work is that every attendee would have the opportunity to pay £10. Then by teeing off, Trackman® would record all the data via sonar tracking, then email a video of their shot and all swing analysis statistics. Then from the money raised by the challenge, we will give you back at a minimum of 20%. You could use these extra funds to raise more money for charity, to offer as an additional prize giving, or simply just to keep. For instance, if you had 100 golfers at your event, based on our usual take-up, typically this would raise you about £200. We could host this for you on a par 3 to play nearest the pin where we also include an insured hole in one prize should anyone be so lucky.

Or alternatively Trackman® can be setup on any hole of your choice so not only can you play nearest the pin but longest drive or even have have a beat the pro challenge. Over the years our system has been so popular that attendee participation is as much as 80-100%. Being so successful means, we can reward you while you also have the assurances that all your attendees will enjoy the opportunity.

For more information about how we can help enhance your golf day with Trackman® please call 0207 689 7507 or email we would love to help you make your event the best it can be.

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