From the Coordinator

It was with some sadness that last week I mentioned in passing that I was retiring from the role of Coordinator of the BHBPA at the end of this year. That will mean that I have held the post for exactly thirteen years, as I began in much confusion in January 2007.

It has been somewhat to my surprise that a number of people have emailed me to express their good wishes for the future and also in some cases their thanks for my tenure at the BHBPA. It behoves me now as a result to explain that the reasons for my departure are several and unspecific. Having reached the ripe age of 91 I feel that it is time for me to survive without the cushion of putting together the weekly newsletter. I have a number of things I hope to be involved in, such as walking football, drinking beer, watching sport and going on weekends away, and some I may wish to get involved in, such as volunteering at a school, hospital or hospice if they will have me.

My youngest child, my daughter, has just gone away to University and my wife has scaled down to part time work so we are in a period of change at home. I came out of a career in education which was more hectic and demanding than this role,  knowing almost nothing about business. It has been an honour, a privilege and a lot of fun finding out about businesses through being responsible for the day to day running of this fine venture. I have met some excellent people over the past thirteen years, some of whom will keep in contact I know. Meeting people is the greatest aspect of work I reckon, and as far as I can see the most successful businesses always have good people running them. There are certainly many good businesses in Burgess Hill. I take a certain pride in the fact that the BHBPA now has a sense of community about it, where people support each other and understand the needs of others locally.

I have been fortunate to work with so many clever and talented people from different backgrounds and with differing ideas. The help and assistance I have received along the way from good and generous people , as I have stumbled into aspects I never encountered before, has been incredible.

So from me, with about six newsletters to go till I finish, it is a big thanks to all those who have been so helpful with this project. I wish the BHBPA every future success and feel sure that it will prosper under new coordination. I hope some of you will come to the Woolpack from 5pm till 7pm on Dec 3rd for Christmas drinks and my farewell bash.

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