EGM & proposed new Constitution for BHBPA

We are holding an EGM on 10th November at 16:00 so as to vote on a proposed new constitution for the Association.

Our current constitution was crafted back in 2004, and it is clear that its use has fallen somewhat by the wayside rather than it being the basis of our governance.

Inevitably things move on in nearly 20 years, and there is now a need to re-invigorate how we set direction, make decisions and engage our membership.

In drafting the proposed new constitution we have taken care to remember that ours is a members-based company. As such all roles involved in the BHBPA’s governance have to be appointed in a transparent way and we must ensure that the Constitution provides an effective framework for our governance.

Every member will be asked to submit a response to a questionnaire prior to the meeting so as to indicate their support, provide comments or reject the proposed constitution and ideally register to attend the meeting.

The proposed new constitution was drafted by Martyn Carr, BHBPA Coordinator, at the request of the directors. The directors considered several iterations before consulting with the current Steering Group on what was draft 5. Feedback from the Steering Group has also been factored into the current proposal.

To read a summarised version of the proposed constitution click here – Summary.

Alternatively, to access a full copy of the Proposed New BHBPA Constitution for EGM 2020 click on the link here.

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