Diesel Theft

Just when you think such things are of a bygone time, the thieves show their hand again by coming onto the business parks at dead of night and stealing diesel from trucks. We have to be aware that there are relatively few companies which work 24 hours round the clock, which means that night times and weekends on the business parks are especially convenient times for thieves to do their worst. We are fortunate to have Beacon Services on the Victoria Park, but even their patrols can be worked around it seems.

This is from Paul Padgham, whose company PDP Services has written to tell me this :-


Hi All,


Just wanted to let you know we had all the diesel drained from our cherry picker on sovereign business park (pic attached).


I think it was last night but could be Monday night


Might be helpful to know if anyone else was targeted this week or have any CCTV


We have reported to police


Kindest regards


Paul Padgham    TMIET

Managing Director | PDP SERVICES

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