Cybercrime is growing in both intelligence and quantity!

The Government recently reported a 26% increase of cybercrime in 2020 compared to last year, which is most likely due to Cyber criminals taking advantage of the growing vulnerability of businesses as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.

Sadly, criminals see opportunity for profit during these uncertain times, ambushing businesses with scams, malicious malware, phishing sites, and numerous misinformation websites.

Almost half of UK businesses (46%) and a quarter of charities (26%) have reported security breaches or attacks since February 2020! This illustrates the importance of securing your online accounts as soon as possible.

A key step is to secure Your Business’s Online Accounts with Two Factor & Multi Factor Authentication.

Two Factor and Multi Factor Authentication add extra layers or barriers of security, making it harder for cybercriminals to gain access to business’s online accounts or internal network and resources.

Think of your business as a bank vault, with just one layer of security keeping your riches secure. Naturally, trying to break through multiple layers of security is more difficult than one, and this is essentially the premise of Two Factor/Multi Factor Authentication.

If you haven’t already done so, do talk to your service provider to find out how you can implement Two Factor or Multi Factor Authentication. And if you need more help, contact Peter Hook at CSE on 01444 238070 or email:

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