Bright Engineering Student Available

I have a grandson who is in his third year (of four)  at Stellenbosch University studying mechanical engineering. He is very clever – so much so that he is able to pay his fees through a bursary. He will be visiting us from November for 2 months and has asked me whether I know of any firm in Burgess Hill that he may be able to spend some time with to see what they do. He does not want to be paid and indeed would not be allowed to be paid as he is not British. However some work experience would be right up his alley. Last year he was selected as part of a group that went to Germany and spent time there seeing how large firms work.


Do you have any contacts who I might approach  to see if they would be able and willing to accommodate him for a week or so?  Please contact Steve Cridland at BHTC on 01444 238208


Many thanks




Steve Cridland
Chief Executive Officer
Direct Line : 01444 238208

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