BHBiz Award Categories

Winning Workplace

This nomination is for a company that creates a great working environment for its staff. It probably retains staff for longer because it looks after them so well; there is a buzz of social activity and it’s a place where people are happy and proud to work and are quick to say so. Staff are encouraged to support each other to get the job done; it’s a company/business that accepts mistakes are part of human behaviour; it encourages ideas and welcomes constructive criticism. It’s somewhere everyone is treated with respect.

Eco Warrior

This should be a company that has the environment in mind in all its activities. It realises the importance of weighing environmental factors against profit; it encourages staff to be green thinking and green acting; it can demonstrate an active recycling programme.  In this category, we are looking for actions, not words!

Community Champion

The Community Champion is a company that recognises its corporate social responsibilities (CSR); it is involved in the community, quite possibly through a community initiative, e.g. visiting schools, hosting visits from pupils, offering materials to schools, sponsoring team kits, local rugby, football, or cricket teams. It’s happy to gives its time to support the community by, for example, allowing staff to spend a day at a hospice or with the elderly or to become involved in another community initiative.

Charity Champion

 This Award is made to an individual, team or company whose endeavours to raise money for charity are exceptional; who go out of their way for others and clearly enjoy the challenge, fun and enjoyment. They may have made a one-off commitment, or they may have shown dedication over time to raise money for a charity or support a good cause.

Bright Star

Is there a member of staff that always brightens the working day; is the life and soul of the place? Are they always keen to participate; always the joker but talk a lot of sense perhaps? Your nominee might be the person most other members of staff would suggest as a spokesperson for the group; someone who knows what is going on, is usually involved in it, and often leading it.

Invaluable Star

This should be someone whose worth to the company becomes clear only after time; someone who always gets the job done, and done well, but never brags about it, just does exactly what’s required without fuss or fanfare; about whom others might say: “Thank goodness, we have him/her. Don’t know what we’d do without them!”

Rising Star

This young person is clearly ‘going places’; is always on the ball, challenging management with new ideas perhaps, figuring stuff out for themselves without waiting to be told or asked; the sort of employee the business would do well to hold on to.

Risen Star

The ultimate seasoned professional, he or she usually knows the best route to take for the business. They are someone younger staff look up to/go to for advice; they are a useful and obvious representative of the company, an ambassador for the business. This person is perhaps recognised as influential outside of the workplace, in the local business community or nationally within your sector.

Star Apprentice

For a newcomer to the company, an apprentice or trainee who has shown enthusiasm, willingness to do more, creativity, genuinely fits in well with all staff, will get on in this business.

Team of Stars

A company award for a group or team within a company, who get results, perhaps smash targets, i.e. an HR team who have innovated, made great changes with success, who have worked well together to move the company forward.

Best Business

The top award for a company – which is sustainable, has great people working there, makes a good profit ethically, treats employees well, generates a good company ethos which makes workforce proud, generous to charity, good CSR contribution, a company over three years old of any size.

How to enter

You can enter as many categories as you like.

Simply complete the application form here and send it to


"“I can’t speak highly enough of the BHBPA. As a small local business we feel very much part of a community and thoroughly enjoy the annual exhibition and meetings throughout the year. Over the years we have built fantastic working relationships with many BHBPA members and every meeting and event offers us opportunities to work with more. This is networking at its best! ” "

Judi Arditi, Director
(Travail Employment Group)

"This association was started with a lot of effort from a few local businessmen and has proved to be a very powerful and useful tool for our business. The BHBPA has influence at the top level; when action is needed, the BHBPA gets it done. We are kept in touch with all that is happening on our doorstep and will often act because of what is published in the weekly emails / newsletters."

Steve Mooney
(Steven Mooney Machinery)

"“We have been members of BHBPA from its inception, and seen the organisation steadily grow and expand into the dynamic entity it is today, bringing positive benefits to all its members.""

Peter Hook, Manager
(Computer Systems Engineers)

""BHBPA is a really well organised and run group, great for networking and benefitting from knowledgeable local speakers with real business insight. Peter brings enthusiasm and humour which helps drive the association forward. I am glad to be part of it.""

Dave Farmer, German Translator
(Dave Farmer & Co)