BH Academy Students at Rockwell Collins

Engineering Visit to Rockwell Collins


A late start to school was the beginning to an incredibly fun packed day! To begin with we went over the agenda for the day, and what Rockwell Collins actually is.
Rockwell Collins create simulators for soldiers to train in, create virtual objects to view on the computers, cre-ating mirrors and projectors for simulators and most importantly the company is full of every different type of engineer possible! Rockwell does a lot to do with aircrafts too.


We were given a limited chance to ‘fly’ a simulator – called The Griffin display system – used by Air forces all around the world. We flew over, a virtual reality, Las Vegas, down the LA strip.
Another practical we carried out was projector building and mirror skinning. We were given a low cost projector to assemble and when we arrived home we were able
to project a video/ picture onto our wall. After cre-ating a projector we went into safety room where we learnt how they use the same material as a crisp packet to make a mirror! It was absurd how the creases in the material stretched out as the vacuum was switched on.


After lunch we went into a computer room and began to create a skin for the outer plane. We all followed the steps to create our own aeroplane design. It is really confusing but at the end we had created an incredible 3D model of our own plane.


Finally, the day ended on what career paths we could take towards engineering. There was an endless list of opportunities to choose from. We were also advised what GCSE subjects to choose for the job. We were given a presentation pack to look back on when we got home so we could re-member the information from that day.


Overall the day was extremely informative and gave us a wide range of engineering jobs for the future. The best part of the day was to test out the simulator – which I crashed just a few times.
By Tegan Skeel 8CMA

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