5 Minute Careers Video for Local School

Linda Dorgan, careers leader at BH Academy wrote with a novel request for help…

She is trying to create an activity for Year 8 students where they think about what’s involved in creating a product. Whether that’s raw materials from say the farm or mining, through purification and refining, into manufacturing, distribution, advertising and sales etc.

Want Linda wants is a local company to be a real life example. She adds, “It would be amazing if one of the BHBPA businesses would be able to create a five-minute video talking about how their product is produced and who helps to create it – with hopefully a little tour of their facility.”

If any member is interested and willing to help by creating or sharing an existing cradle to grave video of product development, that would be great.

Email Linda on L.Dorgan@theburgesshillacademy.org.uk

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