News: Hub23 News

Posted on 26th January 2020

With DPD already operating from the first unit completed at Hub 23 on the A2300, Unit 3 is nearing completion on the outside and will be a new distribution centre for BHBPA member Roche.

Having consulted with Glenbeigh Developments 2 other units are expected to be under offer soon leaving 4 units, including the smaller units 7 to 13 still available for businesses interested in moving to brand new facilities. I am meeting Stephen Oliver of Vail Williams soon so will be happy to ask any questions members may have, including the matter of options around freehold and leasehold.

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"The BHBPA is a fantastic hub for our business community to get together and catch up, discuss important local issues and connect new and interesting enterprises."

Oliver Lashley , Director
(Pure Storm Digital Services )

"“I have belonged to this group since I started my own business, Lea Graham Associates, in 1986. The association has been through several incarnations since then, but its most recent one, BHBPA, is by far the best.

It’s much more than just a networking group, although it is supremely good at that too. BHBPA is inclusive and friendly and acts like a mutual-support society. The events are stimulating, worthwhile and often great fun and I believe most members share this opinion.”"

Susan Fleet, Managing Director
(Lea Graham Associates)

"Regular, well organised events, excellent updates and information by email along with a warm welcome from the Chair and Coordinator are just some of the positives at BHBPA."

Mike Oliver, Owner
(Mike Oliver Associates)

"This association was started with a lot of effort from a few local businessmen and has proved to be a very powerful and useful tool for our business. The BHBPA has influence at the top level; when action is needed, the BHBPA gets it done. We are kept in touch with all that is happening on our doorstep and will often act because of what is published in the weekly emails / newsletters."

Steve Mooney
(Steven Mooney Machinery)