2020 Membership of BHBPA

Over the last few weeks I have been working hard to try and ensure that the Association’s web site accurately reflects the current membership. In the process of doing so I have been notified of some leavers for 2020, gained some joiners and noted a lot of contact detail changes.

I doubt even so if my records are perfect but they are pretty accurate as of now I am sure.

On Friday 10th January I sent an email to what I believe is the correct ‘principal’ email address for every member business or organisation. If you didn’t receive that email it’s either because you’re not the principal point of contact (some firms have multiple subscribers to the newsletter) or because I don’t have you registered as a member for 2020.

You can also check the now up to date list of members that I have posted on this web site – Members list.

If you think your business should be listed as a member, or you want to join our community, especially at this important time for Burgess Hill, get in contact with me through the Contact Us page. Our 2020 prices are unchanged vs 2019 and you can find details here.

I look forward to working with you in 2020.

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