News: Take on an Apprentice

Posted on 29th October 2019

Could your business benefit from taking on a 16-18 year old? If yes, now’s the time, as the Government are offering a £1000 incentive!

Further, if you have under 50 employees, there are no co-investment costs to be met by you – making it free to take on an apprentice.

More benefits to you:

✔ Employees learn whilst working, causing minimal disruption.
✔ No day release to college.
✔ Learning is relevant to their job role.
✔ Accredited and recognised awarding bodies.

For the larger, Apprenticeship Levy paying company:

• You’ve already paid for the training due to the Government tax! Make use of your training Levy Pot, don’t lose it !
• You can still benefit from the £1000 incentive.

Did you know?

There is no upper age limit for becoming an apprentice. Recent statistics show 71% of apprenticeships were started by those aged 19 or over; in the over 25s, the average age was 37 years.
Source: UK Parliament Apprenticeship Statistics: England

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