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Posted on 12th June 2019

The organizing committee of BHBiz would like to thank all the sponsors once again for their support for BHBiz 2019 as well as the companies who nominated employees and to everyone who attended on Friday 10th May at the Amex Stadium.  We all had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and are pleased that we received so many positive comments on the night and through our feedback process.


As promised, we wanted to reply to your feedback and let you know the results.  Below are the results of the questions we asked but also replies to any feedback that we feel we needed to respond to.  We had a response rate of 56%, which we’re really pleased about.  Thank you so much as your feedback helps us provide the awards night that you want to see.  All scores were out of six.


  • How relevant do you think the awards categories are?      88% of you gave us 5 or 6 stars with no-one responding with 1 or 2 stars.  If you would like to make suggestions for other award categories, we’d love to hear from you!
  • Do you think the BHBiz Awards are a positive addition to the BHBPA events calendar?      94% of you gave us 5 or 6 stars, with no-one scoring 1 or 2 stars.
  • Do you think the BHBiz Awards represented good value for money?     82% of you gave us 5 or 6 stars for value for money, which we’re really pleased about.  We’ve tried to make the event as cost effective as possible so companies of all sizes feel that they can get involved.
  • How did you rate our guest speaker, Jennie Bond?    Responses to this question  actually gave us the widest range of scores.  52% of you gave her 5 or 6 stars, whereas 15% scored her talk 1 or 2 stars.
  • How likely is it that your company will get involved with the BHBiz Awards in 2021?      Encouragingly, 94% of respondents said that they would support another similar event in 2021, either by sponsoring or nominating or attending.


Here are some of the comments we received and our responses :-


  1. I thought the evening was great, my only concern was the sound needs to be better, it is really difficult to hear at the back

~~ We received a couple of comments about the lack of volume of the speakers at the back of the room, we’ll make sure that is not an issue next time.


  1. I thought some of the tables were rather noisy during some of the presentations and particularly during Jenny Bond’s speech which was very good and deserved more attention from the audience.

~~ Again, this may be an issue with the speakers around the room, some people might have been chatting if they couldn’t hear what was being said on the stage.  We’ll make sure this is looked into in 2021.


  1. A ‘welcome’ announcement at the Ridgeview Reception & formal recognition of the sponsor from a clearly demarcated point would improve the kick-off. Duncan was a little lost in the crowd upstairs.  He had a lovely voice and I’d like to have heard a little more from him.  It was a super celebration of successful people, teams and businesses … definitely the best BHBPA event ever!

~~ Thank you, that information is useful.  We’ll make sure we consider that for the next event.


  1. I thought the event ran really well – food was good and the awards presentation really kept everyone engaged and took the right amount of time.  It’s such a great venue too, it makes it feel like a special night.  I liked Jennie Bond, but I guess she wouldn’t interest everyone – but then who would?  Other speakers seem to ignore the fact that the audience was full of successful women, not just men!

~~ Thank you, you’re right, it’s difficult to please everyone.  Some people loved her stories about the royals & the jungle, whereas some people felt she was name dropping!  We do hope everyone felt entertained though.


  1. I think the words about who won need to be more general, without “he” or “she” because it was very obvious who won, before the name was said which I think was a huge shame (for those who lost) otherwise it was a fantastic night.

~~ Yes, sorry about that.  This is something we noticed on the night too and that won’t happen again.


  1. It would be worth increasing the ticket price a little to include some wine on the table.

~~ We keep the ticket price as low to encourage as wide-a-range of businesses to attend as possible.  It can then be the choice of the companies attending if they’d like to purchase wine for their guests.


  1. I know that other award evenings have disallowed those being nominated for awards to also be award sponsors.  Whilst I’m sure that all the awards were fairly won, it does look better if the sponsors for the night are not up for any awards.  Some awards ceremonies also limit the number of awards that a person/company can be nominated for  eg. 3. Overall, a great night and a great triumph!

~~ Thank you for the feedback.  We really do appreciate the financial support our sponsors give to us for staging BHBiz – we couldn’t do it without them. However,  we feel it would then be difficult to penalise the employees of those companies by barring them from nominating employees for their hard work.  We have received feedback from companies who have shortlisted staff members and they have told us what a positive effect the award nominations have had on individuals, teams and companies as a whole. The issue of how many categories a company can enter is something we will look into, but again it seems a shame to limit the recognition of great talent in our town.  We also need to encourage a wider number of companies to enter the awards, which we will work on for 2021.


  1. The BHPA personal awards needs to be looked into and I thought that the committee would look at the whole membership and make a decision – not base it on companies that personally help them.

~~ The BHBPA Special Person & Special Company awards are thank yous from the BHBPA Directors for all the time & effort that people & companies give to support the Association, often in their own and at the own cost.  We don’t ask for nominations for these awards, these are discussed by the Directors and given in recognition of a lot of work that goes on behind the scenes to make the BHBPA work as successfully as it does.  For instance, none of the committee who organised the awards night, received any financial compensation to do so.


  1. Deadlines for returning nomination applications were unnecessarily tight.

~~ We will look into this for 2021.  Nomination forms were available to download from the newsletter in mid-January and the deadline was 1st March which was around six weeks.  We will look to see if we can extend that for 2021.  We then need to make sure we give the judges enough time to complete a thorough & rigorous process to ensure each nomination is judged fairly.  This is quite a lot of work for the judges and they are also kindly donating their own time to do this for us.


  1. Really enjoyed the evening it made a nice change to be in a relaxed and enjoyable environment, one small change would be to have more people selling raffle tickets as we didn’t the opportunity to buy any.

~~ Thank you, we’ll speak to the charity to make sure there are more ticket sellers around during BHBiz 2021.


  1. Food was great. Genuinely best large catering I’ve had.  The organisation of the event seemed very well controlled – the flow of the evening from the reception upstairs to the dinner and on was very smooth.  Well done team
  2. A very warm and friendly business event, with local businesses honouring and supporting each other.
  3. It was a fantastic night!  I can’t see how it could be improved on.  Venue excellent, food great, atmosphere spot on, guest speaker lovely.  Well done everyone!
  4. I enjoyed the evening.  I liked that the categories recognise individuals as well as companies.  Thank you to everyone involved with putting the awards on, much appreciated!
  5. A fabulous evening full of stars; from the organisers to the attendees, entertainment to the winners.  A really fabulous reflection of the passion and integrity of businesses in the local area.  Our team thoroughly enjoyed the evening and can’t wait another 2 years!!  Thank you to the organising committee for all your hard work.


Thank you once again to everyone for supporting the BHBPA, our BHMB exhibition and the BHBiz Awards.  We look forward to another great night on Friday 7th May at the Amex in 2021!!

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