News: Bio Helps with Animal Recuperation

Posted on 6th September 2018

Bio-Productions make a splash with doggy paddle pool


Cleaning chemicals company Bio-Productions are proving that every dog has its day, by helping cute canine Bella get fighting fit.


Until recently, the nine-year-old Whippet/Staffordshire terrier cross was having mobility issues due to injuries sustained to her back and legs. Now, her owner Eric Martyr says his dog is bounding and barking like a six-month-old pup.


The remarkable difference is down to a cunning plan he hatched with the help of Bio-Productions.


“I had taken Bella to receive laser treatment but it didn’t do much good,” Eric says. “The vet suggested that we take her for hydrotherapy sessions but the costs were adding up and it wasn’t sustainable.”


As a retired science technician, Eric’s wife, Cheryl, encouraged him to get creative and he soon spotted an industrial bulk container (IBC) outside Bio-Productions’ purpose-built facility on the Victoria Business Park in Burgess Hill.


The IBC, which is designed to store an impressive 1,000 litres of liquid, was the perfect size for a stay-at-home hydrotherapy pool and Eric wasted no time by getting in touch.


“I spoke with Phil Karn, a director at Bio-Productions, and explained why I wanted to the tub,” Eric continues. “Bella was abused as a puppy and kicked repeatedly by her previous owner. Creating a hydrotherapy pool was really our last attempt to try and restore some mobility for her. Through that, we wanted to give her back some quality of life – and we have.”


With Bio-Productions’ blessing, Eric set about adapting the tank for hydrotherapy. The process involved relocating the container to the bottom of his garden and balancing the water pressure to a tepid 27 degrees Celsius. With the project successfully completed, Eric takes Bella on regular rehab sessions in the converted IBC which resides in his back garden.


And, while Bella could only manage one minute in the pool at first, she now manages to doggy paddle for a full three minutes, equivalent to three-miles of exercise.


“Bella’s story really struck a chord with our team,” Phil Karn comments. “Our whole company philosophy centres on recycling, but never before has that meant turning one of our massive containers into a pool for pooches! We were more than happy to help, and I’m so happy to hear that Bella’s sessions are going well and that she’s back on her paws again.”


Bella’s unconventional rehabilitation was just the start of a friendship between Bio-Productions and animal-loving Eric. As a thank you to the Burgess Hill business, he has donated funds to a team member’s Race for Life sponsored walk, which is set to take place on September 1.





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