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Posted on 28th February 2017

EBISS LTD – The Behind The Scenes Savior!
Anyone who has attended a conference or exhibition will know that these events can be a fantastic tool in which to highlight a company product or service. However, these trade fairs and the pre-planning required, can prove to be stressful for those that are exhibiting. Firstly, you need to ensure that your literature, giveaways and stand are all packed appropriately and arrive at the event intact. If your exhibition is outside of the UK then there is the small matter of shipping, customs and red tape to overcome. Added to this, there is the logistics of having these items in the right place at the right time, as you are only afforded a narrow time frame in which to arrive and unload, along with all the other exhibitors. If and when you overcome these obstacles then you are met with the joys of frantically unpacking and assembling your stand and items whilst desperately trying to avoid becoming too hot and sweaty! By the nature of Murphy’s Law, this is frequently the point at which you realise that your stand sustained some damage the last time it was hastily dismantled! Before your target clientele have even walked through the venue doors you feel you have already completed a days’ work and are exhausted!
Alternatively, picture this……
Having made the decision to enlist the help of professionals, EBISS Event Logistics Company has already collected your literature, giveaways and stand from your office premises and have those items stored at their onsite secure warehouse facility. On the day of the conference you only have to concern yourself with arriving at the exhibition/conference poised and with your laptop and phone in hand. On your arrival you are met with your boxes clearly labelled and a stand that is being assembled for you by a dedicated member of the EBISS technical team. Your packaging is then removed and stored until the end of the event. By consolidating all of your exhibition logistic needs your stress has been alleviated and you find yourself in the right mind-set for representing your company. At the close of the exhibition/conference the EBISS staff member carefully dismantles your stand, packs and returns your items back to your office or the secure warehouse facility. You can also expand on this peace of mind with the option of a full conference service incorporating pick and pack, online inventory and a full equipment check.
Whilst sitting having your well-deserved post-event drink you wonder, having experienced a fully-tailored, comprehensive and professional service, how you ever managed before!
Alternatively you may not attend events so you may not need us, but what about your clients? Could we be an add-on service for you to offer?
For more information please contact or 01444 227 928

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"This association was started with a lot of effort from a few local businessmen and has proved to be a very powerful and useful tool for our business. The BHBPA has influence at the top level; when action is needed, the BHBPA gets it done. We are kept in touch with all that is happening on our doorstep and will often act because of what is published in the weekly emails / newsletters."

Steve Mooney
(Steven Mooney Machinery)

"The BHBPA is the most effective and dynamic business organisation I have ever worked with in over 30 years in Local Government. It has a very active and large membership whose points of view are taken seriously by all government structures. Peter Liddell does an excellent job in providing unique and enjoyable networking opportunities where members interact and discuss points of mutual interest. It provides a forum for businesses to discuss common issues, to share experiences and to play a powerful and meaningful role in the Burgess Hill community. The BHBPA provides important and credible support for all its members and ensures that their best interests are represented where necessary. "

Steve Cridland, CEO
(Burgess Hill Town Council)

"“Sutton Winson have been members of the BHBPA for around 7 years. We have found it a great way to keep in touch with Burgess Hill businesses and to meet with likeminded people. It’s not just another “networking” group, as it tackles the real issues and gets things done”"

Bruce Millington, Manager
(Sutton Winson Ltd)

"I am delighted to have a long-standing relationship with the BHBPA. Since its foundation the Association has gone from strength to strength and there is no doubt that it has brought huge benefits to its members and the business community as a whole through the partnerships it has formed with the local authorities, Sussex Police and local organisations. It is paramount that Burgess Hill businesses have an effective collective voice."

The Hon Nicholas Soames MP